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Boxing Program for At-Risk Youth in Northwest Arkansas

Introducing FORGE, a program designed to empower at-risk youth in northwest Arkansas through the study of boxing and martial arts.

FORGE teaches teamwork, leadership, and positive living by giving participants a healthy way to channel aggression while encouraging discipline and dedication.


FORGE is about so much more than simply teaching young people to throw a proper jab or hook; programs like ours have been proven to keep kids in school, out of detention centers, and away from gang activity. Our ultimate goal is to forge at-risk kids into productive members of their communities and families.


“Some think that martial arts training is only good for making kids violent,” says Aaron Kimball, founder of the program. “But I really wish more could see the kind of metamorphosis we see take place in our gym over and over again.”

FORGE classes are structured and challenging for participants. Typically, they involve warm up, calisthenics, jumping rope, weight training, and specific boxing training.

For more information, please call (479) 633-1373.

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